The Role of the Anarchist Organisation: Movement Position Paper’s

It is very significant that, in spite of the strength and incontestably positive character of libertarian ideas, and in spite of the facing up to the social revolution, and finally the heroism and innumerable sacrifices borne by the anarchists in the struggle for anarchist communism, the anarchist movement remains weak despite everything, and has appeared, very often, in the history of working class struggles as a small event, an episode, and not an important factor.”

Peter Arshinov, Nestor Makhno and others, 1926,
Organisational Platform of the
General Union of Anarchists (Draft)

The Role of the Anarchist Organisation, WSM

The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation in the Class Struggle, ZACF

The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation, AFed

The Question of the Revolutionary Anarchist Organisation, NEFAC

The Political Organization, FdCA

Anarchist Communists & the Mass Organisation, FdCA

Up to the Transitional Period: Basic Strategy Document of FdCA, FdCA

Beyond Resistance: a Revolutionary Manifesto for the Millennium, Anarchist Federation

Who we are, what we want, the path we follow, Coletivo Comunista Anarquista (CCA)

Declaration of the Aims and Principles of the Fórum do Anarquismo Organizado (FAO)