NEFAC Writings on Platformism

In the social domain all human history represents an uninterrupted chain of struggles by the working masses for their rights, liberty and a better life. In the history of human society this class struggle has always been the primary factor which determined the form and structure of these societies.”

Peter Arshinov, Nestor Makhno and others, 1926,
Organisational Platform of the
General Union of Anarchists (Draft)

The Question Of The Revolutionary Anarchist Organisation: A NEFAC Position Paper

As Far As Organisation Goes: We Are Platformists, Nicolas Phebus (La Nuit)

The Platform: It’s Not Just For Platformists Anymore, Jeff Shantz & P.J. Lilley (NEFAC-Toronto)

Collective Responsibility: A Two-Fold Issue, Mujo (Bete Noire)

BOOK REVIEW: Organisational Platform of Libertarian Communists, Mick Black & Jessica

Towards the Creation of an Anarchist Movement: From Reactive Politics to Proactive Struggle, Beggar (Class Against Class)

Anti-Capitalism and Organisation: An Interview with Jeff Shantz, Upping The Anti

We Learn As We Walk: Looking Back on Five Years of NEFAC, Nicolas Phebus