Especifismo Anarquista

Everything in this society: each enterprise taken separately, likewise the whole State system, is nothing but the rampart of capitalism, from where they keep a constant eye on the workers, where they always have ready the forces intended to repress all movements by the workers which threaten the foundation or even the tranquility of that society.”

Peter Arshinov, Nestor Makhno and others, 1926,
Organisational Platform of the
General Union of Anarchists (Draft)


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Huerta Grande, FAU

Theory, Ideology and Historical Materialism, OSL

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Our Conception of Anarchist Organisation, FARJ

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Especifismo: The Anarchist Praxis of Building Popular Movements and Revolutionary Organisation in South America, Adam Weaver

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Declaration of the Aims and Principles of the Fórum do Anarquismo Organizado (FAO)

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