Recent Writings

…anarchism does not derive from the abstract reflections of an intellectual or a philosopher, but from the direct struggle of workers against capitalism, from the needs and necessities of the workers, from their aspirations to liberty and equality, aspirations which become particularly alive in the best heroic period of the life and struggle of the working masses…”

Peter Arshinov, Nestor Makhno and others, 1926,
Organisational Platform of the
General Union of Anarchists (Draft)

The Anarchist Platform, WSM/WSF

The International Statement, Anarkismo Editoral Statement

What Does the Platform Offer to Anarchists Today, WSM

The Platform: What’s In It?, WSM

Platformist Groups Today, WSM

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The Anarchist Political Organisation and its Functioning, OSL

Theory, Ideology and Historical Materialism, OSL

Materialism and Idealism, Gabriel (CAZP/FAO)

Chile: Anarcho-Communist Organisation and the Needs of the Present, CUAC

Revolutionary Anarchism and Political Parties: Mexican Anarchists on the Role of the Anarchist Organisation, ACL

The Problems Posed by the Concrete Class Struggle and Popular Organisation, OCL

Southern African Anarchist-Communist Federation Founded, ZACF

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Up to the Transitional Period: Basic Strategy Document of FdCA, FdCA

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Tangled Threads of Revolution: Reflections on the FdCA’s “Anarchist Communists: a Question of Class”, ZACF

About the Platform, Barikád Kollektíva

Constructive Anarchism: A Review, Kevin Doyle (WSM)

Engaging with the Class, Jacobian (WSM)

FIVE WAVES: A History of Revolutionary Anarchist Communist Mass Organizational Theory & Practice, Michael Schmidt (ZACF)

Building a Revolutionary Movement: Why Anarcho-Communist Organisation , Adam Weaver (Furious Five Revolutionary Collective)

Anarchism and Collective Organization, Matt (NEFAC)

For Us, Nothing… For All, Everything: The Communist Tradition in Anarchism, Camille (NEFAC)

Anarchist Accountability, Thomas (MA&S)

Defining Practice: the Intermediate Level of Organization and Struggle, by S. Nappalos

Three Approaches to a Revolutionary Program, Wayne Price

Social Anarchism & Organisation: Concentric Circles, FARJ

Anarchism, Class Struggle and Political Organization, Tom Wetzel

Insurrection and Organization, Karl Blythe

Considerations about the Anarchist Programme, José Antonio Gutiérrez Danton

Anarchist Organisation not Leninist Vanguardism, by Wayne Price

Principled Bakuninism, Larry Gambone

On Building Revolutionary Consciousness in Practice: Some Brief Reflections on the Insights of Paulo Freire, Thomas (MA&S)

For Revolutionary Struggle… not Activism!, Asher

Active Revolution, James Mumm

Back to the Roots: Anarchists as Revolutionary Organizers, Ian Martin (F5RC)

From Reform to Revolution, Ian Martin (F5RC)

Some Thoughts on Dual Power, Beyond Resistance